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Chronic anxiety is a common problem for millions of people across the globe. This is an “evergreen” niche, meaning this is a chronic health issue that will always be an issue for people both now, and in the future.

Because Chronic Anxiety is a worldwide problem (and with constant demand for a solution) this makes this top-level domain highly valuable and truly one-of-a-kind in a very competitive market.

The search phrase “chronic anxiety” alone receives nearly 10,000+ searches per month alone across the biggest search engines like Google, Yahoo and BING. This doesn’t take into account other “long tail” searches that directly relate to chronic anxiety.

Since this is a direct-match keyword phrase and a .com level domain, this makes very rare. It’s also a lucrative keyword phrase due to the high demand of the problem itself, as well as the opportunities available to monetize it.

This domain could easily be used to promote your own anxiety related products, supplements, made into a content website, or used to promote anxiety-related affiliate products.


  • is a well-aged domain at 17 years old (it’s been registered since 2004)

  • Advertisers are paying up to $2+ for Pay-Per-Click ads for the search term “chronic anxiety”

  • “Chronic anxiety” currently receives over 1,600 direct searches per month on Google alone



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